🔵 36 hours to go

here we go...

Hello tea gang 🐸☕️,

Who’s exhausted? Yep, we thought so. No business as usual from us because…well, there’s nothing ordinary about this week at all. Though it ain’t our place (as two Brits who pronounce *all* of the vowels in aluminium) to weigh in on the upcoming US election, we know that’s where a whole lot of you are from or currently calling home.

Rather than spill some piping hot tea on whatever zeitgeist tidbit we’ve uncovered on the internet this week, we wanted to give you a moment to pause, recharge, and rest up before a week of nail biting, heavy drinking and (hopefully) happy tears as Election Day finally arrives.

Take care. Drink up. Go Vote.

Okay, you made it. Back to normal posting (with a new administration, we’re manifesting it 🙏) next week. See you all then.


alice & faye