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Glitchgirlmaster, DellaXOZ, Hila Klein & Kate Johansson

You are cordially invited to this week’s brew of High Tea, your dispatch of 🔥 internet culture served piping hot. This week: we’re back to celebrate the girlie pops shaping culture and paving the way for an unapologetic hot girl summer™, in all the corners of the internet us phrogs like to lurk in.

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Vanessa Clark: aka TikTok’s queen of glitch

If you’ve been on TikTok so much as once over the past 2 weeks, there’s no way you escaped the impact of HRH @Glitchgirlmaster, aka 17-year-old Vanessa Clark. We haven’t seen the platform in a chokehold as persuasive as this since our good sis @yodelinghaley was throwing shapes to Doja Cat’s “Say So” from her bathroom. To put it bluntly, we’ve completely lost our heads over our gal glitchingtons, who’s not only doing bits for chaotic hyperpop with her (now trademark) hypnotic shape shifting, but also *finally* creating a dance trend that phrogs like us can participate in. Vanessa’s growth on the platform has been nothing short of extraordinary, gaining more than a million new followers during the last week of June👇, and a cult of TikTok celebrity along with it. May the summer of glitching be forever in your favor. 

@Glitchgirlmaster weekly growth on TikTok from June 26-July 2, with +1.1 million new followers in 7 days (via Social Blade)

DellaXOZ: Manchester’s rising teen sensation  

Readers of Bucks Fizz will spy a familiar face in DellaXOZ, the 16-year-old British singer songwriter who’s setting TikTok tongues wagging with bops written from her bedroom on GarageBand. She’s so bloody good we decided to retire our gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss ways momentarily and share her latest release “AHHH!!”, an ode to anxiety that we simply can’t get enough of. In the space of a month, she’s grown from 13,000 monthly listeners on Spotify to a very cool 35,000 (and counting). DellaXOZ is undeniably our one to watch for 2021, and with *checks notes* 714 followers to go until she hits the coveted 10k on TikTok, you know what to do. 👀

Hila Klein: Teddy Fresh Founder and CEO, h3h3 Productions Co-founder

If you are looking for the dark horse of our roster, look no further than Hila Klein, Founder of LA-based streetwear Teddy Fresh and podcast host of H3 After Dark. Effortlessly chic and exuding cool from every pore, Israeli-born bae Hila launched Teddy Fresh in 2017 after wanting to bring fun, fresh vibes to the everyday swag. 

A post shared by @kleinhila

We’ll just say it, have we ever seen Hila have a fashion faux-pas in all the time we’ve known her? Not on your nelly, mate; which is more than can be said for hubby and H3 poddie co-host Ethan Klein (Uncle Fester, wya?). Caught in a recent family feud more than (Trisha) skin deep –iykyk– we not only bow to Hila’s style prowess, but also her ability to keep her head AND make that bread. Peep teeddyfresh.com/frenemies for evidence of their SOLD-OUT-in-under-24-hours-collection. 

Kate Shumskaiy, aka Kate Johansson: Black Widow’s illegitimate child

Russian model, Kate Shumskaiy, looks more like the Black Widow than Scarlett does...sorry, we don’t make the rules. And with Black Widow’s movie premiering in theatres and on Disney+ on Friday, Kate has done what any young international super spyyyy would do, taking her moment and running (Avenger-style) away with it. Not to miss out on an opportunity to flex, Kate quickly donned the spandex to ride the coattails of the Marvel launch, growing her IG following from a modest 150k to almost half a million in the past two weeks alone and achieving 2M likes on TikTok this month (cc: social blade). With a killer instinct for clout, our bet is on a Kate and Scarlett duet in the incoming months...Disney, don’t be shy, cut her a check 😏

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