High Tea is your weekly brew of piping hot Gen Z culture, internet leitmotifs and discussions of identity across ephemeral digital spaces. 

Reading the tea leaves from cities on opposites sides of the globe, Alice and Faye are Gen Z and Millennial in equal parts. Fluent in e-boy etiquette but old enough to remember the pain of waiting for the dial up to connect, they curate cultural commentary that straddles time and space. 

Alice is a writer and social researcher who blew a house deposit on avocado toast and an Amazon Prime subscription that she forgot to cancel 4 years ago. 

Faye is a digi marketer for Gen Z and new realities (think AR filters, identity and avatars). She once performed with Ghostface Killah while wearing only one shoe.

Pull up a pew for your weekly dose of the yeehaw agenda. 

If you don’t know, now you know.

*sips tea*

p.s. they were 18 in that pic, allow


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